original photo of the 5 generations McCall/ Rogers

Many of the younger cousins and their family members have asked about the "Old White House". This is , of course, the house most of us remember as children. We had many delightful gatherings there, with an emphasis on "full". Many of us, who had other lodging available, spent the night with other family members in the area. There was non-stop activity at the "White House" during those times!  This house was the final home for Grand Mother Helena. Prior to this the family lived in: "The Cub Robinson House"

and "The Old Hanks Place". I have a photo of the Hanks place and hopefully will get a photo of the other one, also. After Helena died and the white house became unlivable, Grand Pa Chris, Sr. purchased the "Old Walter McCall Place" which had also been owned by Dalton and now, Frank.



McCall - Rogers